Autauga County, Alabama



Sergeant Jim Steele and Hobbs


Here at the Autauga County Sheriff's Office we utilize the canine's natural keen senses and abilities, to protect officers and citizens and to apprehend suspects. Here are some of the more noticeable senses that we rely on...

Smell - The primary sense of a canine, his smell is much keener then a human. This enables him to find and actually distinguish between different scents. Some say the canines sense of smell is between a thousand and a million times better then humans.

Sight - Canines see much better at night then their human counterparts, they also have the ability to pick out movement that would normally have went with out notice by the officer.

Agility - The canines have the ability to get to places that officer normally could not go safely to search and find hiding suspects.

Speed - The canine speed is an obvious benefit to the officers, when it comes to catching fleeing suspects. At a rate of almost 30 mph it would be hard to escape by running from the canine.

Loyalty - One of the most important and well-known reasons for having a canine partner. His loyalty to his handler is beyond comprehension. Therefore the safety of this K-9 Handler is Always enhanced.


K-9 Hobbs of the Autauga County Sheriff's Office is a five year old Labrador Retriever that has been with the Sheriff's Office for four years. His handler, Sergeant J. Steele, utilizes Hobbs for searches involving illicit drugs. K-9 Hobbs also provides community relations with local schools, churches and group activities.