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Autauga County EMA: Generator Safety
9/27/2021  Take It Outside!

Hurricane season here and your Autauga County EMA wants our residents to be prepared pre-storm and before the power outages happen.   

During strong storms, power outages are imminent and many of our residents will turn to their portable generators for their potentially lifesaving ability to provide temporary power. Generators provide power when it is needed most, but they also emit carbon monoxide- a colorless, odorless threat—that can result in deadly consequences. 

On behalf of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association and your Autauga County EMA, we are reminding our residents using generators to TAKE IT OUTSIDE—far away from dwelling, windows, and doors, and to point the fumes away from your home and people.  

Taking your generator outside is the only safe way to use it. Educate yourself about the risks of using a generator, and you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself and those you love. Remember, TAKE IT OUTSIDE! 

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When Using A Generator, Please Remember: