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Central Alabama Community College Plans Move to East Memorial Baptist Property

Central Alabama Community College Makes Plan to Move Autauga County Campus to East Memorial Baptist Property



By Andrew Edwards

Elmore/Autauga News Staff Writer

Central Alabama Community College President Jeff Lynn spoke in front of the Autauga County Commission on Tuesday afternoon, updating the status of the school moving forward.

Lynn officially announced the school’s relocation from the Pratt’s Mill Shopping Center to the East Memorial Baptist Church Property –which spans 50,000 sq ft over 24 acres. The project is expected to cost roughly$13M. CACC narrowed their options for the new location down to EMCA’s property, and has offered their official letter of intent to EMCA.

CAAC has four different locations, with its main campus stationed in Alexander City, AL. Lynn said the school’s decision to invest so heavily in Prattville/Autauga County was a choice that came easily.

This announcement was expected, as it was known CACC had inquired with East Memorial Christian Academy’s stakeholders about taking over the property. The day care and church members were notified that operations would cease by December. For more information, follow this link: 

Jeff Lynn, President, Central Alabama Community College

“Autauga County is growing and outpacing the United States in a number of jobs by 2.5 percent, which is phenomenal. And that’s just over the last five years. We see our footprint here growing rapidly as well,” Lynn said.

Lynn said that the annual budget for the new site will cost roughly $4 Million per year. He went on explain there will be job opportunities for the school, as they are expected to hire 40 new employees. Newopportunities for students will be available as well.

“We’re going to expand our academic programs for students and have them transfer to four-year colleges from us. We do a significant amount of dual-enrollment with our students already with career technical, so we want toexpand that in a major way. We’re going to have workforce programs like equipment operative certification, robotics, electronics and maintenance classes,” Lynn said.

CACC’s move means that the old Baptist church’s location will see renovations to certain areas, specifically for science classes such as Biology and Chemistry. Lynn explained that the goal for the school is to beginclasses in the new location in January 2022, so long as renovations go as planned.

“I’m very optimistic about what this can turn into. We’re projecting about 3,500 students in 10 years at this location. Right now, I have1,600 students under four campuses. Just think of the economic wealth that wouldbring to the city,” Lynn said. “It’s going to boost sales tax collections from increased local purchasing of goods and services, and it’ll be a great venue for community activities.”

Lynn said that CAAC would love to invest in the area outside of campus and help attract new businesses to the county.

“We’ll tell them that we can help take care of their workforce needs. There’s lot of great students in this community and we want to make surethat we’re taking care of them too,” Lynn said.

“We have some work to do, still. But, we don’t mind working,” Lynn said smiling.

Central Alabama Community College has called this space home in the Pratt’s Mill shopping center for the past couple of years. President Jeff Lynn told Autauga County Commissioners plans are for CACC to be in the East Memorial Baptist Property by early next year.