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Autauga County Commission Investing In The Health Of Their Citizens

Autauga County, AL- When it comes to saving lives and giving CPR, Autauga County is going mechanical. As part of its continuous efforts to ensure the health and safety of their residents, the Autauga County Commission recently purchased twelve Defibtech Lifeline ARM Mechanical Chest Compression Devices to be to be placed in each of the ten volunteer fire departments in Autauga County and the Autauga County Jail.

Jay Thompson, Chairman of the Autauga County Commission, emphasizes that the Lifeline ARM is hands-free automated solution for providing victims of sudden cardiac arrest high-quality and continuous CPR when it is needed most.

"This equipment will improve the survival rates of our citizens suffering health emergencies. Prior to COVID -19, contactless technology was nice to have, but now it has become a necessity to ensure the health and safety of our citizens”, said Thompson. “This technology enables hands-free contact that is automated and never gets tired, compressing the chest at the same rate and with the same force, time after time after time, when consistency and endurance matter most.”

The Autauga County Commission presented the equipment to Sergeant Scott Ninesling, President of the Autauga County Fire Fighters Association, following the Autauga County Commission Meeting this week. The Lifeline ARM equipment will be distributed throughout Autauga County immediately.

"This equipment is a game changer for our residents when seconds count and consistency is critical," said Ninesling. "The health and safety of our residents is paramount and with the pandemic, providing a hands-free option is critical. It is also safer for our EMT's and paramedics who are often performing chest compressions in the back of an ambulance enroute to a hospital. There will no longer be a need to perform these compressions standing and unrestrained in a speeding vehicle."

Autauga County purchased the Lifeline ARM equipment with federal CARES ACT money distributed through the State of Alabama for Local Government.

"The goal of the Autauga County Commission is to increase the survival rates of our residents in a way that enables them to leave the hospital ready to lead a normal or near-normal life," Thompson said.