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Autauga County Commission Recognizes April 2024 as Military Child Month

The Autauga County Commission was proud and honored to join the Military Child Coalition, the Military Committee of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, Autauga County Schools, and the City of Prattville ,to present a proclamation recognizing April as the Month of the Military Child in Autauga County Alabama, to the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Our proximity to Maxwell Air Force Base and other Military Instillations, and our high-quality Autauga County Schools, brings many military families into our communities. By working together, we are helping to fulfill the Homefront mission of ensuring that the children of our military heroes feel supported, are successful in the classroom, and have good memories in our communities.

To show our unified support, and to highlight awareness of the special needs of these military children, the Autauga County Alabama family is lighting up Autauga County Administrative Building, the Autauga County Courthouse and Probate Office buildings at night in PURPLE to show our unified support throughout the month of April! Purple is the official color of the military child. Its a combination of all the colors of the U.S. Armed Force: Air Force, Navy, Coast guard blues, Army Green and Marine Corps red. Programs and activities that are similar across all branches of service are called PURPLE.

Join us as we recognize, celebrate, and honor the courage and resiliency of the youngest members of our military families.... and PURPLE UP! And more importantly, thank you to our military heroes who CHOOSE to make Autauga County Alabama--if even for a little while!