County News

Lady Liberty Visits Second Graders in Autauga County

The Autauga County Commission is proud to join other Autauga County partners in sponsoring Liberty Learning Foundation being held today at Central Alabama Community College!


Today, second graders from throughout the Autauga County School district cheered and counted down to the grand entrance of Libby Liberty™. Wearing green paper crowns and waving tiny American flags, they showed their enthusiasm for the Super Citizen Program they will be beginning after today’s theatrical performance.


After class photos with Libby, students and teachers return to classrooms energized to learn crucial, all-American lessons. They’ll also begin the process of nominating and honoring “Helping Hands Heroes” who they will honor at their graduation celebration when the program is complete for this year.

These Autauga County second graders will be participating in a twelve-week program to become a Super Citizen! The Statue of Liberty character brings history to life, students are also being introduced to the man who will give them a “hand” with lessons back in their classrooms. Mr. Palmer, a brash and brilliant hand-character leads students in DVD-based lessons in civics, character, financial literacy and our Great American Story.