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Autauga County Technology Center Expansion Strengthens Workforce Pipeline In Autauga County

The Autauga County Technology Center (ACTC) unveiled it's 18,000 square foot state of the art expansion during a Ribbon Cutting Celebration hosted by the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Elected officials, along with community and business leaders were present to celebrate the $3.9 million investment alongside the Autauga County Board of Education members and district leadership. 

"This morning's event is a tangible reminder of our newly adopted vision, which reads in part, 'ACS aims to consciously create an environment of respect and inclusion that prepares and motivates students to become lifelong learners by instilling the knowledge, critical thinking skills and leadership traits necessary to success in life," said Kim Crockett, Autauga County Board of Education chairperson. "The students using these facilities and those how come behind them are learning the skills necessary to compete in a global economy right here in Autauga County." 

The new Fire Science area was the backdrop for the event, but it is just one of several new spaces built as a part of the expansion project. The newly constructed labs and classrooms include three automotive bays, a robotics field housed within the engineering section, and an updated welding space.

"This project allowed for a much-needed modernization of facilities that more accurately simulates current and future industry standards," said Brock Dunn, the Autauga County Technology Center principal. "It also created an opportunity for us to make cosmetic improvements to some of the original areas, which gave us additional classroom space for all of ACTC's career tech programs."

Autauga County Schools currently offers 14 of the 16 national career clusters to more than 1,900 high school students across the district. These clusters include courses that teach academic knowledge and technical skills that today's students need to pursue career opportunities in the following industries.


        Business Management



        Modern Manufacturing


        Family & Consumer Sciences


        Fire Science

        Health Science

        Information Technology


Officials said employers can be confident when hiring a career tech-credentialed student from Autauga County Schools because they possess the skills required for entry-level employment as determined by classroom performance, certification exam scores, and skill acquisition within the student's pathway.

"Today's ribbon cutting is just one of many exciting and engaging things happening in our district," said Lyman Woodfin, superintendent for Autauga County Schools. "Now that we are two months into the new school year, I can confidently say that a solid foundation for student growth and development is being laid. I could not be prouder to lead a school system where I see engagement at every school and down every hallway."

Before cutting the ribbon, Superintendent Woodfin encouraged event attendees to visit the district often.

"I look forward to welcoming you back to Autauga County Schools often in support and celebration of our people, programs, and processes," Woodfin said. "It's a new day in Autauga County Schools, and I'm glad that you have a front-row seat to the transformation happening in our district." 

To learn more about Autauga County Schools' career and technical education programs, visit

Lyman Woodfin, Autauga County School Superintendent          

    Brock Dunn, Principal Autauga County Technology Center            

     Kim Crockett, ACBOE District 2