County News

Chairman Jay Thompson, 2022-2023 ACCA President, Completes A Very Successful Term

Thank you to our own Autauga County Commission Chairman Jay Thompson for serving as ACCA’s 2022-2023 President. During his leadership and reign, Alabama Counties seized the opportunity to pass 10 legislative priorities for the year improving infrastructure, strengthening professional standards of County EMA Offices, updating Alabama’s Competitive Bid and Public Works Laws, Securing Critical Funding for Sheriff’s Departments, and so much more!

Chairman Jay Thompson passed the gavel to Commissioner Joe Knight, Jefferson County, who will be serving as the 2023-2024 ACCA President. Commission Thompson immediately began his service as ACCA's Past-President and is also stepped into a new role as the 2023-2024 Chairman of the ACCA Legislative Committee. Autauga County Commissioner Bill Tatum will be serving on the Legislative Committee and Autauga County Commissioner. Rusty Jacksland will be serving on the Resolutions Committee.

Thank you Commissioners, for our service and leadership not only in Autauga County but also for your willingness to serve at the state level with the Association of County Commissions of Alabama. By working together and unifying voices from all 67 counties into one, you are strengthening our counties and the great of Alabama stat of Alabama.