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Team Rubicon Disaster Response In Autauga County Helping Residents Impacted By Jan. 12th Tornado

Team Rubicon Disaster, a veteran-led disaster response organization will be providing clean-up services in Autauga County, Alabama. As a donor funded organization, there will be NO COST TO YOU!

Services They Provide

  •   Site Survey- They digitally analyze and record the impact of the homeowner, on the community and on the state.
  •   Debris Removal- They assist in cleaning debris on your property and moving it in accordance with the debris management plan set for the local government.
  • Tree Damage Clean-up- Team Rubicon has skilled operators that will cut up and move the trees in accordance with the debris management plan of Autauga County. 
  •  Muck-Outs and Roof Tarping- Flooding can cause significant damage to homes. They will assist with the removal of drywall, insulation, flooring, and damaged property from inside the home. If you received damage to your roof, they have teams come out and tarp the roof to prevent further damage.


How To Identify Team Rubicon Members

It's important to know who you can trust to help get Autauga County back to normal. Team Rubicon Volunteers (know as Greyshirts) will always wear a grey shirt with the red Team Rubicon Logo on the back.

If You Need Assistance, Please Contact Team Rubicon at (469)271-8734

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