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Senator Clyde Chambliss Presents Senate Resolutions To Autauga County Residents During Commission Meeting

Senator Clyde Chambliss, Alabama Senate District 30, approached the commission early on in the meeting apologizing for not bringing the resolutions to the body earlier. He stated that his family had been through significant illnesses recently and he has been dealing with those serious issues.

“There are two resolutions I would like to offer tonight,” said Chambliss. “The first to Officer Hill and I would like him to come up to let people know why he is such a special person.”

Chambliss went on to read the resolution with Alabama Game Warden Chris Hill standing beside him. The resolution stated the following:

“Whereas, highest commendations are proudly presented to Alabama Game Warden Chris Hill, who is a Conservation and Enforcement Officer for Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division, for his heroic and lifesaving actions; and

Whereas, Officer Hill was instrumental in rescuing a three-year-old boy named Eli, who was lost in the woods in Autauga County, Alabama, on August 7, 2021 and

Whereas, Officer Hill, using the old-school tracking skill she developed as a lifelong hunter and honed by his 10 years as an investigator for the Autauga County Sheriff’s Department, entered the woods near where the boy had disappeared while playing outside with his dog.

Crews and a helicopter were being used to search for the missing child but he had not been located. Officer Hill, who grew up fishing and hunting in the woods, is skilled at tracking footprints. Officer Hill, noticing disturbed pine straw and displaced briars, and soon discovered a small footprint. Officer Hill was unwilling to give up. He continued to search and call for the missing child near the discovered footprint and soon the child responded and

Whereas, the child, who was found at 2:45 in the morning sitting on a log with his dog, was healthy and happy. He wanted to talk about the stars and find the moon. Officer Hill found the child safe and sound and

Whereas, Officer Hill demonstrated immense competence, speed, and skill in responding to the emergency, he is a worthy exemplar of those brave and noble public servants who devote their lives to safeguarding the lives of others, and he is truly deserving of special commendation and praise, now therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the Legislature of Alabama, that Officer Chris Hill is highly honored and commended, and this resolution is offered to him with deepest admiration and appreciation, as well as sincere best wishes for the future.”

The crowd who had gathered gave applause for Officer Hill upon Chambliss reading the resolution.

                                                                         Senator Clyde Chambliss honors Alabama Game Warden Chris Hill during Autauga County Commission Meeting.

  Chambliss then addressed commissioners with the second resolution, which honored William Vasser Caver, Sr.

“This second resolution is personal for me,” said the Senator. “When I came to work for Autauga County in 1992, Vassar Caver was an employee here and he was a mechanic at the time and later a superintendent. I was the young guy that all the older guys tried to get stuff over. Vassar helped me through some of that. He was a real inspiration to me, so I wanted to present this resolution.”

Chambliss invited family members to stand with him while here ad the following: 

“Whereas, it is with profound sorrow that we note the death on January 28, 2022, of Mr. William Vasser Caver, Sr, and

Whereas, his passing leaves a void in the lives of his loving family, many friends, and the entire community, where he was highly regarded, and

Whereas, Mr. Caver was born on May 21, 1943, to William Jacob Caver and Edith Clara Caver, and

Whereas, Mr. Caver was a longtime mechanic and farmer in Autauga County, Alabama. He was also retired from the Autauga County Shop. When not working, he enjoyed riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and watching westerns on the Western Channel, and

Whereas, he was preceded in death by his parents and brother, Jacob Allen Caver, he is survived by his wife, Barbara Ann Caver, children, William Vasser Caver, Jr. (Marla), Raymond Dale Caver (Mary), and Robin Shawn Caver (Monya), 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, brothers, Jeffers Lamar Caver (Kathy) and George Larry Caver (Ruby Jo), and ahost of other relatives and many friends, and

Whereas, although his presence will be greatly missed, the memory of Mr. Caver will be cherished in the hearts of all who knew and loved him, now therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the Legislature of Alabama, that the death of Mr. William Vasser Caver, Sr. is recorded with deep sadness ,and this resolution is offered in tribute to his life, along with heartfelt sympathy to his family, whose grief is shared by many.”

Senator Clyde Chambliss honors the late William Vasser Caver Sr. at the Tuesday night Autauga County Commission Meeting.