Property Development

Autauga County will assume maintenance of a subdivision if certain developmental criteria is met.  The State of Alabama Act 97-422, regarding platting of property, was revised on August 1, 1997 to include the following requirements.

  1. The County Engineer or his designee must review all proposed plats and certify to the County Commission whether the plat meets the County’s regulations.
  2. At least twenty one (21) days prior to presentation of the plat to the County Commission for their consideration, notice of the County Engineer’s approval or disapproval must be sent by certified mail to the owner or developer as shown on the plat, to the property owners immediately adjoining the platted land, and to each utility affected.
  3. After the twenty-one (21) day notice period and if the proposal meets the County’s regulations, it shall be approved by the County Commission.
  4. If the plat is approved by the County Commission, the plat is then filed in the County Probate Office.
  5. This new law is not applicable to subdivisions situated inside the corporate limits of any municipality in the County or sale, deed, or transfer of land by the owner to an immediate family member.

Subdivision Regulations

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Flood Damage Master Plan of Enforcement

Access Management Policy